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Willow Stars Company produces the willow handbags at its modern factory in China. The bags are stylish, elegant, and exclusively made by Willow Stars.

Willow Stars

| About Us

Willow Stars was established in 2002. We started from a small factory with less than 10 people. Now we grow into a large scale with more than 200 people. For nearly 20 years, we are a supplier of fancy willow products to customers in the EU and USA. Our products include willow baskets, furniture, Moses basket, Baby clothing, etc.

Since 2019, we’ve creatively developed a product – woman’s willow handbags. It is a brand new product in the present market because most woven handbags are made of rattan, sea-grass, or paper-rope. Comparatively, willow is a material with smoother lines, firmness, and beauty. These bags are our feature products at the moment.

We are looking forward to having win-win cooperation with international partners. If you are interested or have further queries, please contact us freely. And furthermore, our factory is open to be visited at any time.



| How to Order

1. Contact us. Fill out the form or send us an email, so we can get in touch.

2. Send Samples. We can send you the handbag samples through International Express.

3. Arrange Production & Delivery. We’ll arrange the production and sea shipping after we make the agreement.

4. Pick Up the Shipment. We’ll arrange the shipping to your nearest port and you’ll arrange the pickup.



Read below about the common questions from our customers. 

Willow Stars is a trademark of Linyi Hongyun Handicraft Co., Ltd, one of China’s largest willow products manufacturers and exporters.

Yes, the handbags are 100% handmade by woman workers with the whole experience of craft.

We only do wholesale business at the moment, and the prices for wholesale and bulk vary depending on quantities. If you are interested in our handbags, please send us an email at sales@willowstars.com or fill out the form on the contact page.

Yes, as we only do bulk wholesale business at the moment, we do have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the order. Please get in touch with our sales for the MOQ of each item.

We ship our products worldwide. We have exported our willow products to Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, etc. Our nearest port is Qingdao, and we can put our goods in the container and arrange the sea shipping to any port in the world.

Sure, we can send the handbag samples to you by International Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.). If you have any interest, freely contact our sales.

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The best handbags you can ONLY buy from Willow Stars company in China.

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